BlizzCon 2018 Tickets

So you want BlizzCon tickets for BlizzCon 2018 do you?  Well we certainly can’t argue with that as we do too, but since we’re such nice people, we’re going to be posting a BlizzCon Ticket Buying Guide here to getting your hands on said valuable treasure.   Maybe even 4 of the fabled BlizzCon tickets!

Straight from the folks at, here are the details:




$TBD USD each (plus taxes and fees) – limit 4 per householdWhat’s Included:

  • One BlizzCon badge that grants access to the convention
  • BlizzCon goody bag containing commemorative swag
  • BlizzCon In-Game Goodies
  • BlizzCon Virtual Ticket




IMPORTANT! Ticket availability is determined at the time you select Confirm Booking (after you’ve provided all of the required information). If tickets are still available and your order is successful, you’ll see a confirmation screen and receive an email confirming your purchase.

  • You will be required to enter the first and last name and email address of each attendee. You will be able to update this information until July 15 through your Universe account dashboard.
  • If you don’t have this information at the time of purchase, please enter your own name and email address for all tickets, and update the information before July 15. See Badge Information for more details.

Bar codes for badges will be sent closer to BlizzCon. All bar codes will be sent to both the purchaser’s email address as well as the email address assigned to a ticket.IMPORTANT! In order to receive a badge, each attendee must present the email containing their bar code (printed or on their mobile device) at BlizzCon, along with valid photo ID. The name on the bar code email *must* match the name on your photo ID, as well as the name assigned to the ticket in the ticketing system. For more information, see Badge Information.

If you’re not yet signed up, make sure you get on the e-mail list for announcements regarding ticket sale dates, strategies for getting these, and how to snag swanky accommodations at BlizzCon 2016.  If you’re looking ahead to snag prime accomodations… Look no further than our page on BlizzCon Hotels!

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