Blizzcon 2018 Dates: November 2-3, 2018

We know, we know! You’ve been scouring the web for BlizzCon dates and have come up empty or with a handful of theories.  But damn it all, you want to know dates for BlizzCon 2018. Well, you’re in luck!  Here’s the scoop from Blizzard’s announcement:

Team up with your friends and family and get ready for a journey to Southern California for BlizzCon 2018, Blizzard’s epic celebration of games and esports and the communities that bring them to life! Tickets to the main event, taking place at the Anaheim Convention Center on November 2 and 3, will go on sale May 9 and May 12, with tickets to a special pre-BlizzCon benefit dinner going on sale May 16.

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